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10 devices revolutionizing cannabis consumption

Intense competition in the cannabis consumption hardware space has spurred innovation from Silicon Valley and New York to Europe and Asia. The following 10 devices use innovative cannabis technology that transform the way cannabis is consumed.

10. Volcano Digit Vaporizer

This desktop vaporizer has been around since 2001, 16 years later it still remains a top player in the vape scene. The standard consumption method is using a sturdy bag which can be filled up with a steady stream of vapor produced by a hot air generator with an attached temperature sensor. Once full, the bag can be inhaled alone or in social settings. The Volcano also has an official medical certification demonstrating high quality for patients and casual consumers alike. The vape can also be used with straw or hose attachments for a more traditional consumption method.

9. DaVinci IQ

DaVinci has long been a notable brand in the vaporizer space and the iQ is no outlier. This discreet vaporizer totes a 16 second heat up time, a 3 hour battery and a 10 year warranty. The unique feature for this vape is the 51 LED light display. The lights provide a display for features like modes and precision controls far beyond the competition. The iQ features a companion app as well for other smart integrations. It is also extremely portable weighing in at 5 ounces and about 1.5 inches long, 3.5 inches tall.

8. PenSimple

This pen shaped grinder includes a mechanical dispenser for precise transfer right from the grinder to smoking instrument. The direct transfer saves users from sticky fingers and lost product. With the grinder attached, the PenSimple can hold a gram of herb but when removed, it can store up to an eighth (3.5 g) of cannabis.

7.  Nova Decarboxylator

This appliance takes the guesswork out of the trickiest part of making edibles, activating the cannabinoids in marijuana through the process of decarboxylation. During the decarb process, THCA converts into THC. The Nova precisely cooks flowers at the optimal balance insuring users don’t overcook the product or undercook it and fail to convert all available cannabinoids. It works by containing the flower in an airtight, heated environment, not exceeding 120º C until it is fully “decarbed” in about an hour and 15 minutes.

6. Pax 3

Pax is known for its minimalist design and innovative cannabis technology, being dawned as “the iPhone of vapes.” The latests innovation for Pax vaporizers the Pax 3. This version works with oils or waxes as well as dry herb. This model incorporates new cannabis technology equipping it with a 22 second startup time, three times faster than the Pax 2.  On the companion app, users can check battery life, control temperature and create personalized modes that match the performance to users preferences.

5.  American Green Machine 

This is the first marijuana vending machine without the need for human contact. Cannabis patients in medical states like Arizona can use their thumbprint to receive marijuana thanks to Cannabis Tech firm, American Green. The “American Green Machine” uses an app-based security system to validate machine users with biometric verification.

4.  Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Other vaporizers use a design using metal piping from the oven chamber to mouthpiece which takes a while to heat up. The Firefly however has an internal glass heating chamber. This allows the vape to have a quick startup smoke time, just two seconds from heat up. The glass also allows the Firefly to not have long lag times between uses. The new Firefly is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the previous model as well.

3. Canabix THC Breathalyzer

Typically law enforcement or employers use saliva or urine tests to detect the presence of THC. These are often inaccurate and can take up to weeks to receive results. Now, they (or individuals who want to check their own levels) have a simple method for testing the presence of THC within two hours of use. Users simply breath into the breathalyzer to get results shortly after. Police officers may now test drivers in a quick and noninvasive way to see if they are impaired similarly to how they test for alcohol.

2. Leaf Plug’N Plant System

This device monitors the growth of herbs via an app with precise temperature, humidity, nutrient, and water control all under and an advanced BIOS™ LED light. The futuristic system has all a grower needs for a fully automated small scale grow.

1. Luminary Beacon

Dispensaries and end users pose the risk of not knowing an accurate strength of their marijuana leading to improper dosing. Analyzers like the Luminary Beacon can safely test flower samples for their potency. The Luminary Beacon uses high end Cannabis Technology to get a reading without burning the sample. It analyzes the CBD and THC content using light samples leaving the flower usable after processing. The Beacon uses a spectroscopy-based technology to sense the components of the sample with its light beam.

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