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Vendor Managed Inventory


Manage your inventory for one or multiple locations in the cloud, pay only for what you need. Sounds good?
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Why it Works?


Optimize, your planning, budget, inventory health and logistics – all in one shot.
Enhanced Inventory Control
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) ensures accurate and real-time inventory monitoring, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking.
VMI reduces holding costs and frees up capital, as the supplier takes responsibility for maintaining optimal inventory levels.
VMI reduces holding costs and frees up capital, as the supplier takes responsibility for maintaining optimal inventory levels.

VMI provides better insights into supply chain performance and demand patterns, enabling more informed decision-making.

VMI suppliers use data analytics to predict demand, reducing the chances of inventory imbalances and enhancing customer satisfaction.

With VMI, products are readily available, ensuring customers can access their preferred cannabis products when needed.

VMI fosters closer relationships between the cannabis business and suppliers, leading to better communication and mutual growth.

VMI ensures that critical cannabis products are consistently in stock, preventing lost sales opportunities.
By relying on the supplier’s inventory, the cannabis business can optimize space utilization and potentially reduce storage costs.

With VMI handling inventory management, the cannabis business can concentrate on core operations and strategic growth.

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VMI Case Study

Explore the benefits of the VMI program for a
cannabis company in our complimentary case study.

In today’s dynamic business world, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has become a popular approach to supply chain management. The VMI program is a collaborative process between a supplier and a customer, where the supplier takes control of the inventory and provides restocking services when inventory levels fall below a predetermined threshold. The cannabis industry is not an exception, and many companies have adopted the VMI program to enhance their supply chain operations.


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Q: What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for cannabis businesses?

A: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a supply chain management strategy where the supplier takes responsibility for monitoring and replenishing a cannabis business’s inventory. The supplier uses data analytics and automated systems to ensure optimal stock levels, freeing the cannabis business from inventory management tasks.

A: In the cannabis industry, VMI involves a close collaboration between the cannabis business and its suppliers. The supplier uses data from the cannabis retailer, such as sales trends and inventory levels, to proactively manage and restock the retailer’s inventory.
A: The benefits of VMI for cannabis businesses include improved inventory control, reduced holding costs, increased efficiency in the ordering process, better supply chain visibility, and enhanced customer satisfaction due to consistent product availability.

A: VMI reduces inventory costs in the cannabis sector by optimizing stock levels and minimizing overstocking or stockouts. This leads to lower holding costs, efficient use of capital, and reduced wastage of cannabis products.

A: VMI ensures consistent product availability for cannabis retailers by allowing suppliers to closely monitor stock levels and replenish inventory proactively. This prevents out-of-stock situations, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
A: Data analytics plays a crucial role in VMI for cannabis businesses. Suppliers use historical sales data and other relevant information to predict demand patterns accurately. This improves demand forecasting, allowing suppliers to stock the right quantities at the right time.

A: VMI fosters closer collaboration by creating a mutually beneficial relationship between cannabis businesses and suppliers. The constant flow of data and information facilitates better communication, leading to improved decision-making and shared success.at the right time.

A: While VMI can be implemented using various software and technology solutions, it primarily relies on automated systems for inventory monitoring, data analysis, and order processing. Specific software and technologies can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the VMI process.
A: Yes, some challenges in implementing VMI for cannabis businesses include data sharing and privacy concerns, integration of VMI systems with existing inventory management software, and supplier reliability. Careful planning and clear communication can help mitigate these risks.

A: While specific examples may vary, successful VMI implementations in the cannabis sector have resulted in improved inventory management, reduced holding costs, increased customer satisfaction, and stronger relationships between cannabis businesses and suppliers. These outcomes have led to enhanced profitability and growth for both parties involved.

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