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The mark that speaks louder than words

Powered by Blinc

is a mark of quality and excellence - in every puff

“Powered by Blinc is not just another piece of hardware; it's an innovation that sets new standards and redefines the cannabis vaping experience”

- Pete Sahani

What is Powered by Blinc?

An ecosystem designed to ensure cannabis vaping product perfection

Certified “Powered by Blinc” is a short way of saying that the product has been manufactured to the highest international standards of safety and compliance with complete quality control and full traceability of the product, process and each sub-component across the entire value chain. But that’s only the end product…

Suite of Services

The most comprehensive suite of products & services in the cannabis vaping industry


Product Design

Product Design

Our collaborative team of designers, engineers, and strategists is dedicated to creating vaping devices that transcend convention. Each product is meticulously crafted to accommodate the distinct qualities of various concentrates, ensuring a superior and tailored vaping experience. Our commitment to pushing boundaries shines through in our revolutionary cannabis vaping devices, which are as unique and diverse as the concentrates they hold. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, we're redefining the landscape of cannabis vaping through cutting-edge design and technology.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

With Blinc China strategically established to manage supply chain and manufacturing processes, we've taken direct control from 8000 miles away. Our hands-on approach encompasses every stage, from ongoing supplier and factory inspections, compliance validations, and bulk raw material buying, to DuPro and QC procedures. This end-to-end mastery of the Powered by Blinc product value chain extends seamlessly to your doorstep with fully controlled, end to end, logistics.

Guided by Blinc China's experienced product designers and engineers, you're assured of the latest cutting-edge technology, harmoniously tailored to the diverse spectrum of uses it is intended for. We are not tied to one factory, but rather our dedicated supply chain and manufacturing experts select the best and most competitive assemblers for each product, delivering unwavering product quality, best value and consistently meeting your expectations without compromise.



Product Compatibility

We recognize that there's no universal vape product that suits every formulation or user profile. This understanding drives us to subject each and every product to meticulous testing, guaranteeing consistent performance across diverse conditions and concentrate types.

Central to our testing framework is rheology – the science of how substances deform and flow. By harnessing these principles, we engineer devices that impeccably manage the movement of cannabis extracts, their interaction with heating elements, and overall transport mechanisms. This synthesis ensures a user experience that's not only seamless but also secures the unfaltering functionality of our devices.

Our process continues with comprehensive user testing and engaging focus groups comprising a wide spectrum of intended users. This collective effort rigorously assesses the devices under a battery of stress tests. Concluding our compatibility evaluation, we subject our products to an exacting emissions testing protocol that comprehensively covers all parameters, including emissions. This steadfast commitment ensures that our perfected user experience seamlessly aligns with our unwavering pledge to safety and compliance.


Payment Terms

Flexible Payment Terms

We understand the unique challenges that come with running a cannabis operation, especially the strain of tying up your funds in inventory. That's why we've introduced the innovative Blinc Scale Now, Pay Later program. This program offers you the freedom to pay for your custom or off-the-shelf inventory orders on your terms. With Blinc Scale Now, Pay Later, you can receive your order upfront and take advantage of an extended payment timeline of up to 150 days. This generous window allows you ample time to produce and sell your products before your payment obligation concludes. Our application process is designed for your convenience, ensuring a quick and straightforward experience. In fact, most applications are approved within days, with no burdensome personal guarantees or elaborate due diligence procedures required.

Completing the application takes just minutes, and it's entirely hassle-free. It's another valuable perk of being Powered by Blinc – a commitment to supporting your business with tailored solutions that align with your needs.


Manufacturing & Quality Control

Manufacturing &
Quality Control

Imagine having the power to select the finest suppliers for every component and collaborating with top-tier manufacturers. Envision complete oversight and strict quality control, all backed by your dedicated extended team. That's precisely our approach. Housed within our dedicated office in Shenzhen, China, team Blinc-China oversees every facet from start to finish. This ensures your product is meticulously manufactured using premium materials, assembled by experts, and offers remarkable value. Prior to handoff to our in-house logistics team, each product run undergoes thorough quality checks with complete and transparent reporting.

Our method guarantees excellence at every step, with each order reflecting our unwavering commitment to unmatched quality and value.


Managed Logistics

Managed Logistics

Logistics is more than a service – it's a collaboration. At Blinc, our process starts with the meticulous inspection of every shipment by our dedicated Blinc China logistics team before departure. We take it a step further by adding our exclusive proprietary tracker to each container. Working in close partnership with the most competitive transporters, we guarantee the swift and secure arrival of your precious cargo.

Once stateside, our adept client support and logistics teams take the reins, ensuring precise timing and constant communication. We guide your shipment through the entire journey, from international air travel to customs clearance, right to your doorstep. Our hands-on logistics approach boasts an unprecedented 99.89% on-time delivery rate – a testament to our commitment to your success.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program streamlines your operations by providing real-time insights into inventory levels, eradicating the risk of stockouts and overstocking. We take on the responsibility of maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing your holding costs, and releasing capital for strategic investments. Through our automated replenishment systems, your ordering process becomes seamless and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on core operations and growth strategies. This collaborative approach enhances our partnership, promoting transparent communication and ensuring consistent product availability. With Blinc Group's VMI program, you'll access a cutting-edge solution that optimizes your supply chain and empowers your business to meet market demand efficiently and consistently.


Product Launch Support

Product Launch Support

Your journey with Powered by Blinc extends beyond the receipt of your product shipment. Our dedicated customer success team stands ready to address any hardware inquiries, offer comprehensive filling and capping SOPs, and facilitate production training to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, our adept communications team is readily available to support your product sales training needs, providing you with captivating client-facing collateral assets, visually-engaging materials, videos, and displays. Collaborating with our dynamic marketing team, we work hand-in-hand to orchestrate impactful product launches and announcements across a spectrum of mediums – spanning from digital channels to paid media and even public relations. In essence, we're not just a supplier; we are your all-encompassing partner in realizing successful product launches and ensuring sustained growth.


Creative & Marketing Support

Managed Logistics

Within our comprehensive suite of services, the Powered by Blinc brands unlock an exceptional opportunity to tap into our top-tier in-house creative and marketing team. Armed with extensive capabilities and boundless expertise, we're primed to transform your vision into a dynamic market presence. Whether it's crafting product and package designs or curating captivating marketing collateral, our spectrum of offerings extends to devising comprehensive product launch strategies and orchestrating their seamless execution. At Blinc Creative, we're dedicated to bolstering and enhancing your brand objectives, every step of the way.

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