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Innovation. Quality. Safety.

Convergence of Art, Tech, Science & Passion for the Ultimate Vaping Experience

“As we work toward a safer and tailored cannabis vaping experience - we redefine vaping every day ”

As a trailblazer headquartered in New York City, The Blinc Group melds cutting-edge cannabis vaping hardware and dedicated service solutions to cater to our diverse clientele.

Beyond offering an extensive collection of cartridges, batteries, ready-to-use vaporizers, and custom device development, we amplify the backbone of our service orientation with unique features. ‘Scale Now Pay Later’ initiative, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), and rheology expertise underscore our commitment to fostering our clients’ growth.

Through our ‘Powered by Blinc’ process, we assure end-to-end supply chain control, empowering our clients to deliver innovative, safe, and quality-controlled products to global cannabis enthusiasts. The Blinc Group also offers comprehensive support services that encompass financing, R&D, production, testing, SOPs, training, and strategizing go-to-market and brand communication approaches.

News & Media

Sharing our knowledge, findings and ideals with the industry


The media often calls on us when the topic requires an
expert point of view, and that’s #notjustvapor

Our Values

“As a company bound by purpose, we aspire to make a positive impact on the world, one step at a time. ”

Our Core Values are more than just words; they form the bedrock of our existence and drive our success. These principles define who we are as a company, guiding our every action and decision, and uniting us with a common purpose. Crafted through the seamless alignment of our leadership team and a heartfelt exploration of our individual passions, these values are the very essence of why we devote ourselves to The Blinc Group.

With these core values as our compass, we empower our team to make impactful decisions that align with our shared vision. We firmly believe that a united purpose fuels our ability to achieve greatness.

Core Value One

Bring Value To Every Interaction

Bring Value to Every Interaction

We aim to improve quality of life through empathy and transparency. We exemplify this value by listening, noticing, and taking action to create long-lasting, trusting, and successful relationships. We're partners, not suppliers.

Core value two

Rise Above The Noise

Rise Above the Noise

We stay focused on what's important, never losing sight of the big picture. Every action is taken with the end goal in mind. This enables us to be on target every time, no matter the obstacles.

Core Value Three

Be Ahead of the Curve

Be Ahead of the Curve

We believe that change is the only way to move forward and strive to anticipate and visualize the outcome. We are proactive instead of reactive and foster an environment where we always move harder, better, faster, and stronger.

“We channel our passion, knowledge and energy into creating an industry leading suite of products and supporting services ”

Our Team

Our People are the very foundation of our success as a brand and an unparalleled influencing force in every aspect of cannabis vaping

Cheif Executive Officer
Founder, Chief Experience & Science Officer

Founder, Chief Innovations Officer

Founder, Strategic Advisor

Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Sales
Director of Operations, North America
General Manager, Blinc China
Senior Customer Success Manager
Customer Success Manager
HR Coordinator and Executive Assistant
Lead Engineer & Product Development Manager
Production Engineer
Quality Control Specialist
Procurement and Order Manager
PMC & Logistics Manager

Project Manager

Staff Accountant
Accounting & HR, Blinc China
Sales Manager
Sales Account Manager
Sales Account Manager
Sales Account Manager
Manager, Hardware Implementation and Support

Senior Design Lead

Marketing Project Coordinator
Digital Developer



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