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Product Design

Make it simple, but significant.

What drives us?

Igniting a heightened experience through innovative design and an unwavering focus on user satisfaction

We aim to revolutionize the cannabis device industry through technological innovation and design aesthetics geared to continuously perfect user experience. With our team’s deep understanding of vaporization technology and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we create functional and esthetically notable products that seamlessly integrate into users’ lives. We set new standards for excellence, delivering products that enhance the cannabis experience with unparalleled performance and user satisfaction.

Design Principles

We believe that form and function are soulmates, and both should be reasonably accessible.

Sasha “OG” Aksenov
Founder & Chief Innovations Officer

It all begins with functionality

It all begins with functionality

Functionality is at the core of our design philosophy. We believe that cannabis devices should seamlessly integrate into users' lives, enhancing their consumption experience. Our team of experts meticulously considers user needs, ergonomics, and ease of use to ensure that our products provide an intuitive and flawless experience. By prioritizing functionality, we aim to deliver accessories that are efficient, reliable, and effortlessly serve their intended purpose.

Aesthetics is
in our DNA

Aesthetics is in our DNA

We firmly believe in the power of emotion. We believe that a product should be beautifully designed, easy to use and stand apart from all rivals. We know that beauty and visual appeal play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of our products and their success in the marketplace. We create products that are visually captivating and flawlessly functional. Our commitment to aesthetics ensures that our products not only perform exceptionally but also serve as a reflection of personal style and flair.

Delivering the
best value

Delivering the best value

Our design and engineering teams strive to meet our customers' needs while delivering a valuable and reliable cannabis consumption experience. By optimizing raw materials, streamlining assembly, and incorporating cutting-edge tech, our products offer unbeatable quality, functionality, and lasting durability. With an unwavering commitment to value, we surpass expectations, providing a meaningful addition to our customers' cannabis journey.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

– Ralph Speth
Chairman, TVS Motor

Our Capabilities

We are your full-stack product design & development partner


Ideation & Concpet Product Engineering CAD Modeling Testing & Compatibility


Concept Development Product Design Product Branding Rapid Prototyping


Component Sourcing Engineering Pilot Mould Development Production Testing


Packaging Design Manufacturing SOPs Product Training Communications Strategy


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