The Blinc Group Unveils Simpl Too: Pioneering the Future of Eco-Responsible Vaping

Simpl Too marks the First Step in Consumer-Centric and Environmentally Conscious Vaping Solutions

New York, NY, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Blinc Group, a pioneering force in the cannabis vaporizer industry, is thrilled to introduce Simpl Too, the latest innovation in its esteemed vaping device lineup. Building upon the foundation laid by the original Simpl launched last year, Simpl Too embodies the company’s dedication to user-centric design, advanced technology, and environmental responsibility.

Empowering Consumers with Recyclable Battery Solutions

At the heart of Simpl Too‘s design is our commitment to sustainability, primarily through enabling users to recycle the device’s battery using their preferred methods.

“Our vision with Simpl Too was clear – to offer a product that not only excels in performance and customization but also empowers our users to participate in responsible recycling practices, particularly for the battery component,” states Pete Sahani, CEO of The Blinc Group. 

This approach underscores Blinc’s belief in responsible consumption and our dedication to minimizing the environmental footprint of our products.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-founder and CXSO of The Blinc Group said “Simpl Too is not merely a product launch; it is a strategic move towards sustainability, innovation, and leadership in the competitive cannabis vaping market”

Innovative Design for an Unparalleled Experience

Simpl Too continues to revolutionize the vaping experience with its postless design, making it remarkably easy to fill and cap. The device’s gravity-fed coil system is engineered to prevent leaking and clogging, ensuring a flawless experience with a wide range of cannabis extracts. With dual airflow and a powerful 230mAh UL compliant rechargeable battery, Simpl Too delivers exceptional performance that meets the diverse needs and preferences of brands, processors, and consumers.

Remaining true to The Blinc Group’s commitment to personalization, Simpl Too offers full customization options. This not only enhances the consumer  experience but also reflects our strategic focus on providing vaping solutions that cater to individual preferences, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Join Our Sustainable Cannabis Vaping Initiative

The introduction of Simpl Too represents a significant stride towards sustainable vaping practices. By facilitating easy battery recycling, we encourage consumers to join us in making environmentally conscious choices, contributing to a collective effort towards a more sustainable future. 

As we unveil Simpl Too, we invite our community to embrace this innovation and the positive environmental impact it brings. Together, we can make significant strides in promoting responsible and sustainable vaping practices.

Follow this link for more information about Simpl Too and our initiatives.

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