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Blinc China Back in Action

With a small reduction in the new daily cases, Shenzhen has lifted restrictions in 5 districts on Friday 18th of March and for the rest of the city on this Monday, March 21st . A few exceptions still exist, like a South Futian and a number of singled-out residences.

This news comes as the Chinese Officials have focused on mitigating the economic impact of Covid and adopted a more pragmatic approach to managing the spread; “The next step for Shenzhen is to control the pandemic with scientific and precise methods, while ensuring the stability of production and the supply chain” Huang Qiang, deputy secretary general of the Shenzhen government, said in a press conference on Friday. Controls via QR code from residence and business buildings are still enforced with compulsory daily testing.

The Blinc China office was able to open today, and with full staff on site we are happy to be back to normal operations. Even better and most important – all Blinc suppliers have resumed 100% activity allowing Blinc China to be fully operational. Blinc will still monitor the evolution of the situation and will report on any potentiation production impact. For now we are happy to say that business is back to normal!


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