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Blinc On Massachusetts: RoadTrip Day 1 – the kick-off

It is a cold, brisk morning in Long Island, 7:30am to be exact and we are headed off to what I like to think of as the backyard of New York, the Bay State, the State of Baked Beans, the beautiful Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s always a good time to hit the road with Carl Giordano, our Director of Customer Service/Automation. This trip has been in the works for some time, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with old clients who we look on as family and bring on some new ones to our Blinc Group family.

To get set for this trip there were vigorous preparations on my part, a trip to the dry cleaners, a new haircut to spiff up my already amazing coif, and we rented a Nissan Kick to spirit us on this fine journey and navigate any snow we might encounter.  Our Kick, to be officially named later, is all packed with amazing Blinc Group swag and samples of our latest cartridges: V1, V12 OG cart and the V11C, all unique and up to task for whatever your vaping needs might be.

I’ve got my Starbucks Tribute Blend all brewed and ready to go with a tad bit of sugar and a tad bit of whole milk, anything else is a waste of time. The 3-hour drive should be a breeze up the Mass Turnpike with our first stop in Chicopee, MA, and then on to Worcester, MA, our homebase for trip at the lovely Courtyard Marriott.

My dog, Sugar, a gorgeous 10-year-old Chocolate Lab, is the only one in my house that is going to miss me for the next couple of days. My wife has already planned Girls Nights for every night this week, (she says she won’t, but she’ll miss me ????).  I can tell by Carl’s face that he is quite thrilled to be riding shotgun and putting his life in my hands for the drive. He has nothing to fear, I’m an excellent driver.

We’re excited to be back out on the road and hope that you will follow this brief travel blog about our daily hijinx. I can promise you that there will be some fun to remember.  And if you are looking to connect with us while we are in Massachusetts and want to talk vape, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’ll be awaiting your call, (516) 456-5453.

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