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Blinc On Massachusetts: RoadTrip Day 2

Oh, where do I begin? Our Massachusetts road trip is going swimmingly for just being gone for 24 hours, although saying that will probably jinx the rest of the trip. We started off the trip with a stop in Chicopee, a great town with a rich history and home to the largest Airforce Reserve Air Base in the country.  As a former Airforce man that warms my heart, but my service is another story for another day.

After a good, productive meeting in Chicopee, we had ourselves a fantastic lunch at this small Bavarian restaurant. I could not pass up on the Bavarian Pretzel Burger, so delicious, I can’t even explain, such a tremendous pretzel roll. Carl decided to go with the Chicken Francaise, which I would say is a questionable choice given the other amazing German options, but to each his own.

Our afternoon took a bit of a turn with our afternoon meetings getting cancelled, but it turned into a blessing in disguise. We ended up having a lot of great phone meetings from our homebase at the Worchester Courtyard Marriott. One of those calls was with Green Meadow Farms in Southbridge who we will be seeing today.

If you are unfamiliar with Green Meadow Farms, is a vertically integrated operation run by the descendants of General Patton. And they are looking to begin putting out their own vape line in the coming weeks with the help of the Blinc Group.  We are very excited for this partnership and know that our V-12 cartridge is going to be the solid workhorse that they are looking for as they determine if they want to go with Live Rosin or Distillate.

We are also going to be headed to Wareham, at the base of the Cape to speak with another facility who has just completed their own proper grow and is ready to tackle a new cape line. It’s honestly exciting to see all of these clients and potential clients in Massachusetts getting their grows and genetics in line to provide Mass with some great premium product and to cement this market.

It’s another gray cold day, with snow on the ground, but I’ve got hot coffee in my tank and we are raring to go for another great day on the road.  We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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