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Blinc On Massachusetts: RoadTrip Day 3

I think something is happening on the road. Carl and I are turning into an old married couple. We started off the day at our homebase at the Courtyard Marriott where we shared an egg frittata. What grown men wake up and get there day started sharing an egg frittata?  I’ll tell you who, two very secure, banging vape technology salesmen, that’s who.

Properly lubed up with two coffees we planned out the rest of our day and got moving. We handled a few of our daily meetings at the hotel and then we got on the road to Green Meadows in Southbridge. They are an amazing operator founded by the family of General George Patton who works tirelessly to provide their customers with organic grade cannabis, support their community and gives back to the veteran community.

Our first order of business was to provide the budtenders with some treats from the Blinc Family inventory, our Puffmod and Puff Stiks, some of our best-selling batteries that offer a great charge and various heat settings, they truly put the user in the driver’s seat.  They loved them and we promised to send more.

It was also great getting a chance to reconnect with Ramzi Moushabeck, their wholesale manager, that we met last year at a Lemon Haze golfing tournament in Boston where we had a blast playing and getting to know each other. He gave us a tour of the facility and it’s so awesome to see how well they are growing and prepping to enter the vape space with their own line.

We were able to keep the day going with lunch with Ramzi and some of the other team members, talked about local businesses and also about getting involved with the Summit Lounge, to do some local events. Whenever we have the opportunity to get involved with the local community, the Blinc Group likes to see how we can jump in and help to educate more about the vape space.

Carl navigated us terribly back to the hotel, he always gets us lost. I’m not quite sure how he does that with all the technology in the world, but he does. At least he braved the cold to fill up the gas tank of Herbie, (we did promise you that we would name our Nissan Kick) while I was on our team managers meeting. Herbie has been a great, reliable car, just like his namesake Herbie, the Love Bug, I love that movie.

We finished up the day with a quaint dinner back at the Courtyard Marriott, share a lovely Blinc vape and bunked down early, all tuckered out after our great day with Green Meadows.

Today we are headed off to meet with Resinate about their vaping needs and then we will be headed back to the Big Apple.  We can’t wait to see our friends at Resinate and finish up this trip with a bang, stay tuned, hopefully Carl won’t get us lost on our way home.


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