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Getting to know Carl Giordano, our Director of Customer Success

Carl is a dynamic, driven, results-oriented entrepreneur, and a truly enthusiastic cannabis connoisseur. He comes to us after an impressive career in roles of founder, project manager, client relations and business development executive with over 20 years of success across corporate, investment and entrepreneurial ventures. His experience spans the three highly regulated and competitive industries of finance, education and now cannabis.

Carl joined Blinc in 2018 as Director of Enterprise Solutions where he worked with cannabis brands to design and launch custom vape devices. He also worked closely with Blinc’s Shenzhen team on supply chain projects. In his current role, Carl advises MSOs and Canadian LPs on the design and execution of their vape manufacturing SOPs while also managing the day to day operations of the Blinc Customer Success Team.


  1. Where were you born? New Jersey
  2. Where did you go to college? Boston College
  3. Favorite hobbies? Surfing, standup paddle boarding, kayaking
  4. Unique previous jobs? Owned and operated learning centers in Brooklyn, NY that focused on math and engineering for kids
  5. Favorite sports teams? Not into organized sports
  6. Favorite quote? “No matter how much you shake, no matter how much you dance, the last few drops always end up in your pants.”
  7. Favorite movie? Castaway with Tom Hanks
  8. Favorite food? Blueberry pancakes
  9. What made you decide to enter the cannabis industry? I’ve always considered myself an entrepreneur. I couldn’t think of a better industry to jump in head first, roll up my sleeves and be part of history
  10. Fun fact that we haven’t asked… Before I was an employee, I was an investor in Blinc.




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