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Getting to know Eric Newman, our Director of Sales

Former Chief Sales Officer of 3Win Corp, a CCELL distributor, Eric Newman has recognized the value of The Blinc Group’s leading edge in Innovation, Quality and Safety when it comes to ultra premium Cannabis Vaping hardware. Eric brings with him a proven track record of success in sales focused positions of increasing responsibility over a 27 year period. He has held positions requiring full P&L responsibility and has shown a proven ability to consistently drive top line growth. Over the past 5 years Eric has focused exclusively on his passion – Cannabis, where he has worked with most major producer processors and lifestyle brands in the industry. He has consistently built teams and operational routines from the ground up. Today, Eric is an integral part of the Blinc family, leading sales teams across USA and Canada.

  1. Where were you born? Stonybrook, NY

  2. Where did you go to college? Presumptuous! I did not go to college. Joined the Air Force.

  3. Favorite hobbies? Love to spend time with family. Play poker smoke weed and hike.

  4. Unique previous jobs? Potato guy at the local hamburger joint

  5. Favorite sports teams? By far the Seattle Seahawks

  6. Favorite quote? Family is everything.

  7. Favorite movie? Caddy shack.

  8. Favorite food? All of it!!!

  9. What made you decide to enter the cannabis industry? My love of the plant

  10. Fun fact that we haven’t asked? I am a grandpa.

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