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Getting to know Lambert Lei, Project Manager at Blinc China

Lambert joined us after a very impressive career in Quality Control & Supply Chain Management. He has held leading positions at various global companies, including at IKEA in South China, Greater China, Asia Pacific, and the headquarters in Sweden. During his time at Ikea, Lambert has developed in-depth expertise in product development, raw materials procurement, manufacturing and production management, quality control, supplier management, and logistics.

Today Lambert has put his expertise to work for Blinc China where he heads up project management for industry-leading North American cannabis vaping brands.


  1. Where were you born? Hu Nan, China
  2. Where did you go to college? Xiang Nan University. Peking University – EMBA
  3. Favorite hobbies? I enjoy playing Basketball, Badminton and Chinese Chess
  4. Unique previous jobs? Over 10 years in scaling positions at IKEA China and IKEA Sweden, finally as Vice QA director for IKEA Asia-Pacific region.
  5. Favorite sports teams? Los Angeles Lakers
  6. Favorite quote? No pian, no gain!
  7. Favorite movie? Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks was superb in this film.
  8. Favorite food? Hot and Spicy “Hu Nan” Food
  9. What made you decide to enter the cannabis industry? A new challenge and new experience in a rapidly scaling, nascent industry, super exciting times!
  10. Fun fact that we haven’t asked…. I plead the fifth:)




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