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Shenzhen Lockdown & its Supply Chain Impact

As the world struggles to return to normal life, COVID-19 has a tendency to return for a grim reminder of its existence. Originally one of the hardest-hit territories, China has instituted a zero-tolerance policy on COVID-19 to ensure it never spreads again. The country leverages local lockdowns, mass testing, and population control through tracking on mini apps via WeChat that are necessary to go almost anywhere and do almost anything in China.

Last month, there was a small spike in cases, causing the government to institute a local shutdown in Shenzhen. While Blinc China offices were closed for a week and everyone worked from home, our factories and suppliers were not affected.

On Sunday, March 13, around 3,400 new daily cases were recorded in mainland China, with 121 cases in Shenzhen.

With very short notice, the government announced yesterday (i.e.: 03/13/2022) that 17.5 million residents of Shenzhen are being placed on lockdown for at least a week. The lockdown, which came after virus cases doubled nationwide, will be accompanied by three rounds of citywide mass testing. The lockdown order followed earlier restrictions placed on Shenzhen central business district, and will last at least until March 20, 2022.

The Blinc China team will continue to work from home while our suppliers and assemblers are closed. It is the same for most raw material suppliers, and clearly, any products in ongoing production will suffer at least a week delay.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will report in full transparency. For those of our clients in need of cartridge supply to weather this storm, we do offer blank inventory that has already passed U.S. customs and is in our warehouse, ready to ship. To all of our clients, we thank you for your support and will continue to bring you the best in vape technology “Powered by Blinc.”


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