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White Paper

Restricting THC levels in the regulated market will not prevent youth from accessing marijuana concentrates!

“Restricting THC levels drives the illicit market, thereby increasing access to youth. Such belligerent policy harms the wellbeing of law-abiding patients and adults. CCMA supports common sense legislation to drive youth education and prevention, while promoting product quality and safety.”

- Kevin Gallagher,
Executive Director C.C.M.A


About the White Paper

With the growing acceptance of the legal cannabis industry across the United States, more and more
states are diving deeper into regulatory questions. The latest push around legislatures has been THC
Caps, which would limit the potency of THC in various products depending on the state’s guidelines.
Lawmakers believe that limiting the strength of marijuana will be in the interest of public safety, which
seems like a commonsense argument. However, when one looks at how manipulating the strength of
THC would impact our bodies and society, it is quite clear that they are not the answer to responsible
legislating of the cannabis industry.

This paper will look at the health and societal impacts of THC Caps on the cannabis industry. It will
demonstrate that THC Caps will endanger the public, lead to dangerous products entering the market
and keeping necessary medicines out of patients’ hands. Lawmakers need to look to science to
understand how to better regulate the industry and not pander to anti legalization acvists.

Our Conlusions

While there are many well intentions behind the concept of THC Caps, regulators have not looked at how they will adversely affect patients and consumers. THC Caps will endanger the public and keep the illicit market thriving. Rather than creating a safe market, imposing THC caps would strengthen the demand for unregulated, inferior marijuana concentrates.

Studies have shown that high-potency THC concentrates do not pose any short-term effects not attributed to regular marijuana consumption. Regulated high-potency THC concentrates are safe and eliminate the need to rely on unregulated and unsafe concentrated THC products. At the same time, THC caps imply to youth that there are amounts of THC they can safely consume. Establishing an arbitrary THC limit based on perceptions of safety levels would only encourage more youth to believe that certain levels are safe.

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