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The Blinc Group Receives Patent for RingSystem



New YorkThe Blinc Group, Inc., the regulatory-focused designer, and provider of premium, customized and bespoke vaporizer technologies, has been issued a patent 11116251 by the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for its vape technology designed to save brands thousands in lost inventory and give consumers peace of mind and clarity in their vape product experience – The RingSystem.

“Cannabis businesses have been struggling to maintain the proper amount of inventory in the vape space while also keeping their customers informed of what’s in their product. Companies shell out thousands of dollars for packaging and fill their cartridges with a specific cultivar to shortly find out that it’s not selling as expected.  They are left with huge losses in branded hardware, but our RingSystem allows the Brands and Licensed Producers to label their products on demand during production, and, if they have to – pivot and relabel for pennies, not dollars,” said Sasha Aksenov, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The Blinc Group.

“A significant amount of vape products have no strain, no experience markings on the device and once the box is trashed, the consumers are left in the dark as to what they are vaping on.  It boggles the mind that with such onerous packaging labeling standards that this industry incurs, clearly labeling the product itself is not part of the regulations. Those types of standards are expected with any other type of consumer product, why not cannabis?  Now our patented technology is meeting that standard head-on, and we could not be prouder,” added Aksenov.

The RingSystem consists of two bands one at the base of the mouthpiece or “top” and the other at the base of the cartridge – TopRing and BaseRing. Before capping your compatible “Powered by Blinc” cartridge or disposable, you simply snap the TopRing onto the mouthpiece of the cartridge with the strain name.  The ring is also easily removed if you decide that the strain you’ve invested in is not “moving” and you need to pivot on the formulation or experience. 

“At the Blinc Group we strive every day to promote innovation, quality, safety, and integrity in every one of our products, the RingSystem is no different. It is imperative that the entire industry take those goals to heart. Consumers need to know what’s in their cartridge at all times and for this industry to thrive companies need to be able to increase their productivity and flexibility, without spending huge amounts of working capital on an unsold inventory. There are enough hurdles in the cannabis space, what’s in your vape cartridge shouldn’t be one of them,” said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-Founder & CEO of the Blinc Group.

About the Blinc Group
Headquartered in New York City, The Blinc Group designs, develops, supplies, and supports premium cannabis vaping hardware. The company offers a curated collection of proven cartridges, batteries, ready to use vaporizers, and complete bespoke device development to major multi-state operators, licensed producers, and brands. Blinc completes the value chain by providing its clients access to a suite of support services ranging from research and development, production, testing, standard operating procedures, training and all the way to go-to-market strategy and brand communications consulting. With full control of the supply chain, the company’s unique “Powered by Blinc” process enables clients to provide innovative, safe, and quality-controlled products to cannabis consumers worldwide.

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