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The French Senate now in Favor of medical cannabis

The French Senate has just voted in favor of the legalization of Therapeutic Cannabis after a public debate led by Senator Esther Benbassa. This could mean an extraordinary move forward in this area.

* * *

It was yesterday, Tuesday, May 28, 2019, that a public and filmed debate on Medical Cannabis took place in the senate at the Senate assembly. It was a much awaited debate by the Cannabis patient’s communities, but also by all those who, among French politicians, are hoping for a paradigm shift in this area.


In her introduction, Senator BenBassa weighed the illegality of patients who consume cannabis and the notion of a state of necessity in which they find themselves.

Then the question of CBD and the cost of treatments was mentioned. Because the paradox of Cannabis in France if it is able to relieve and cure, remains illegal. This was pointed out by the Senator and former Minister of the Republic: Laurence Rossignol.


“Two close friends with breast cancer have had very heavy chemotherapy. (…) One and the other told me,” If I had not had Cannabis every night, I would not have supported the Chimio. (…) The law as it is today, transforms good citizens who want to fight against the suffering into law offenders.” Laurence Rossignol.



# Trojan horse medication

In a general way the Left and the center are rather for and the right of the hemicycle against this idea, the debate did not raise only positive criticisms. This is the case, for example, with Senator LR Chantal Deseyne.

Best quote:

“Do not let us believe that Cannabis is a medicine. (…) The use of therapeutic cannabis should not turn this debate into a Trojan horse (…) towards a liberalization of Cannabis consumption.” Chantal Deseyne

# Department

On the side of the ministry Adrien Taquet recognizes the existence of the ‘object’ Cannabis Therapeutic and promises that it has become a priority for his head office.

“In the EU Today 21 countries out of 28 authorize therapeutic cannabis. (…) These examples will guide us in establishing the modalities of therapeutic cannabis in our country.To allow the use of therapeutic cannabis is one of the priorities of the Minister of Health.Adrien Taquet

* * *

Just about every aspect of Cannabis has been taken into consideration if it is not one of the most important: individual freedom.

The next major meeting, on the political agenda of medical Cannabis in France: June 26. The day the National Agency of Health and Medicine will publicize its public conclusions, about Medical Cannabis.


* * *

 Original article on : Le Cannabiste

Sources : Public Sénat

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