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White Paper

Cannabis Puffing Regimes
A first step in developing standardized testing for cannabis vape products

“A consumer’s smoking behavior influences potential exposure to harmful or potentially harmful contaminants and the puffing regime is an important aspect of risk assessment. This newly defined cannabis puffing regime will further inform the standardization of quality and safety testing protocols designed for today’s complex cannabis vape devices.”

– Peter Joza,
Chief Technical Officer of Labstat


About the White Paper

The Cannabis Vape Consumption Survey collected data from more than 2,000 medical and adult-use cannabis consumers across North America and provided valuable insights for determining a standardized testing protocol for cannabis vape devices and formulations. In the pages of this report, you’ll find insights into the self-reported consumption patterns of the average cannabis vape user and our recommendations for puffing regimes to be used during cannabis vape testing, until real-world vaping topography research can be done.

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