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Venture Capital Firms in Cannabis: Arcview Group

Given the projected growth and investment potential in the cannabis market, multiple investment entities have emerged to tap into this lucrative market and fund promising cannabis businesses owners and establishments. One of the largest and most prolific investors in this space has been the ArcView Group:


  1. Founding Story: Started in 2010, The ArcView Group is responsible for a number of groundbreaking ventures in the cannabis
  2. Network: Network includes more than 625 accredited investors who have invested more than $91 million in 135
  3. Leadership:
    • Troy Dayton (CEO): ‘Troy is an elected board member for the Marijuana Policy Project and was formerly their top fundraiser and lead liaison to the legal cannabis industry. He is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and co-founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which is now on over 200 campuses. Troy also helped launch and served as the first sales director at Renewable Choice Energy, which was recently named the #1 green power provider by the EPA. He was recently named by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 7 most powerful people in the cannabis industry.’ (ArcView Group, 2017)
    • Steve Deangelo (President): ‘[he] spent his entire career at the intersection of cannabis activism and entrepreneurship. As CEO of Harborside Health Center, Steve co-founded and directed California’s most widely acclaimed medical cannabis dispensary–and set a new standard of excellence for the entire industry. Steve also launched the industry’s first lab testing service, Steep Hill Labs. Steve spent the decade of the 1990′s leading Ecolution, Inc., a pioneering producer of industrial hemp goods that sold to retail stores in all 50 states and 21 countries. Steve played an instrumental role in the passage of Proposition 59, Washington DC’s medical cannabis initiative; co-producing Hempilation I and II CDs with Capricorn Records; and organizing the world famous 4th of July demonstrations at the White House.’ (ArcView Group, 2017)
  4. Membership: ModelArcView does not take finder’s fees, rather they charge via membership fees from investors and from sponsorships.
    • Membership is open only to accredited investors: Investor members include heirs to family fortunes, representatives of venture capital funds, the top dispensary owners, experts in startup investing, real estate investors, successful entrepreneurs who have sold their tech companies, owners of the most successful companies in the industry, and other high net-worth individuals.
  5. Vetting Process: The companies go through a vetting process before being chosen to present. If there is enough interest in a given company from investor members then they often collaborate on due diligence. Or investors are free to make deals independently with any company they’d like.
  6. Cannasure: The ArcView Group has co-founder of Cannasure Insurance Services, the leading provider of business insurance to the cannabis
  7. Research: ArcView Market Research produces the State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, which is the most oft-cited market date. They recently announced a new partnership with cannabis industry data analytics firm New Frontier to co-publish and co-produce its annual report – yielding “by far the most comprehensive report.” Report tracks a wide variety of legal marijuana sales, including cannabis products sold through delivery services and medical marijuana”caregivers,” who can legally grow and distribute the drug.

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