Getting to know Gretchen Gailey, Blinc’s Communications Consultant

Gretchen Gailey has worked in the cannabis industry for the past six years in a communications and government affairs role advancing the industry through its data and the stories of those involved. She is the founder of Panoptic Strategies, a consulting firm that works specifically with cannabis clients to make sure they have the traction they need to grow their businesses and influence policy makers.
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2020: The Year of the Cannabis

As we approach the Chinese New Year ordering deadline for our vape products, we might look back at the Chinese Zodiac Calendar that proclaimed 2020 the Year of the Rat, which generally symbolizes new beginnings. After a long hard year dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, I’m sure most would roll their eyes at that superstition, but I would make the argument that it was a year of new beginnings for our industry and 2020 should really be looked upon as – the Year of the Cannabis.

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Getting to know Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-Founder & CEO

Arnaud is currently Co-Founder and CEO of The Blinc Group. He is a proven thought leader in the science, technology, and supply chain of vaping products.

Arnaud currently serves as Chairman of the ISO (International) Standards Committee TC126/SC3 on Vaping Products & Chairman of the CEN (European) Standards Committee TC437 on Vapor Products. He is also a member of the informal Marijuana Science and Policy Work Group managed by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). His assistance and knowledge of the vaping space have been requested by multiple regulatory bodies across North America, Europe, and Asia.Continue reading

How to mitigate Chinese New Year with your Cannabis Vaping Hardware?

What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year 2021 falls on February 12 (Friday), and the festival lasts until February 26 (Lantern Festival), a total of about 15 days. 2021 is a Year of the Ox according to the Chinese zodiac. The dates of the Chinese New Year vary slightly between years, but usually fall in the period from January 21 to February 20 of the Gregorian calendar. Dates change annually because the festival is based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

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Getting to know Tyler Kirkpatrick, Blinc’s new Account Executive

Tyler is a seasoned cannabis marketing and sales professional, based in Colorado. Over the course of his impressive career in cannabis sales, Tyler has represented business interests of the industry’s leading brands, including Apothecary Extracts, Binske, EVO Lab, and Dixie Elixirs.

He is detail-oriented and results-driven without losing sight of high touch customer service and support. With over 14 years of sales experience and a very deep-rooted relationship with cannabis professionals nationwide, Tyler has what it takes to help any brand grow and thrive.
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